Visit our CAMARADES/STRIDE summer school and learn how to conduct your own animal systematic review!

Save the date: August 28th – 31st 2023, University of Zurich​

The CAMARADES Zurich/STRIDE-lab is inviting you to join us for the Summer School on the Systematic Review of Animal Research from August 28th to 31st 2023 in Zurich! Discover how systematic reviews can help you navigate the expanding field of biomedical literature and conduct reproducible and evidence-based research.

During this summer school, you will learn how systematic reviews can be used to map a research field, to assess animal-to-human translation, and apply the principles of the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement) to optimize animal experimentation. You will receive comprehensive guidance on conducting reproducible and rigorous systematic reviews of animal studies being equiped to conduct your own systematic reviews.

The course is free. Seats are limited. Register here

2 ECTS is recommended for completion of the course. We are currently ensuring that the course counts as continuing education for animal experimenters.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Summer School on the Systematic Review of Animal Research!