Tools for systematic review

There is a variety of tools which can help you during your systematic review:

1. Systematic review methodology

  • Center for Reproducible Science (CRS) Primers  

2. Systematic search

  • Search Team from the University Library
  • A detailed guide for a comprehensive animal study search (does NOT only apply to finding studies related to animal use alternatives as suggested in the title of the webpage)
  • A guide to provide information on how to use different search operators in a variety of databases.
  • A step-by-step guide to systematically identify all relevant animal studies (Leenaars et al., Laboratory Animals, 2012)  

3. Protocol registration

  • PROSPERO protocol templates for preclinical studies: Download  

4. Abstract screening

5. Data extraction

  • Automated text mining tool: Auto-STEED can be found on our Github
  • Text classification: in vivo filter  

6. Risk of bias assessment